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Event Policy
Adopted: July 15, 2019

Third-parties who want to post flyers and other promotional materials must do so only on the designated promotional table provided by SACA.

Posting elsewhere is strictly prohibited.

Permission must be granted beforehand by SACA for all promotional materials included on the designated promotional table to ensure appropriateness.  All others will be removed.

Promotional materials on the designated promotional table do not signify an endorsement by SACA.

Website Policy
Last modified: June 23, 2011

In the interest of supporting chess and other chess organizations in Southern Arizona, SACA has the following policy for third-party publicity on the SACA website.

SACA will Provide

SACA will provide flyers and information for:

SACA will post links to chess related websites on the "Links" page.

SACA will post event links to third-party websites.

Please Note:  Inclusion of a link does not imply the endorsement of SACA.  SACA does not have control over the content of third-party websites.

Third-Party Submission Guidelines

Links to third-party events in Southern Arizona will be posted under the "Other Events" page only.

The event will only be posted if it does not conflict with a SACA event.

The event date must occur within 2 months of the submission date.  Events occurring later than 2 months of the submission date will be rejected and require resubmission.

Event Submission

To submit an event, the following must be emailed to the SACA Webmaster within 2 months of the event: