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Website Policy
Last modified: June 23, 2011

In the interest of supporting chess and other chess organizations in Southern Arizona, SACA has the following policy for third-party publicity on the SACA website.

SACA will Provide

SACA will provide flyers and information for:

SACA will post links to chess related websites on the "Chess Links" page.

SACA will post event links to third-party websites.

Please Note:  Inclusion of a link does not imply the endorsement of SACA.  SACA does not have control over the content of third-party websites.

Third-Party Submission Guidelines

Links to third-party events in Southern Arizona will be posted under the "Events" page only.

The event will only be posted if it does not conflict with a SACA event.

The event date must occur within 2 months of the submission date.  Events occuring later than 2 months of the submission date will be rejected and require resubmission.

Event Submission

To submit an event, the following must be emailed to the SACA Webmaster within 2 months of the event: